Top Lab Freezer Brands To Help You Make an Informed Buying Decision in 2020

Lab freezers are a crucial piece of equipment for laboratories, without which storing lab samples and specimens safely and without damaging their properties may become challenging. They are designed to store critical materials that require constant temperature, preferably between −10°C and −30°C, and security.
Today, different brands of lab freezers are available on the market, specializing in a particular type of freezer. This, however, makes buying the right one time-consuming and challenging. To help you, we have compiled a list of top brands of lab freezers you should consider buying in 2020. Let’s check them out!


Arctiko has rapidly become the first and best choice for advanced and customized cooling and freezing solutions for most industries, primarily healthcare and life sciences. Considered one of the most innovative manufacturers, it pays meticulous attention to every cooling unit they manufacture, from its design to performance to durability, which is why it is leading today’s market of lab freezers. For the leading edge, customized cooling and freezing units of the highest quality, you may want to consider buying Arctiko freezers for sale.

American Biotech Supply

American Biotech Supply Inc. company, better known as ABS, delivers a complete line of temperature-controlled equipment across the healthcare, pharmaceutical, laboratory and clinical research, and industrial segments. From small capacity countertop freezers and refrigerators to application-specific models, cryogenic freezers and more, you will have every type of freezer meeting your specific requirements at ABS. What’s more, you will get excellent quality products at a competitive price while enjoying industry-leading services.


Short for Life Science Refrigeration, LSR provides quality and cost-effective cold storage units such as freezers, refrigerators, and ultra-low freezers best suited to your specific requirements. Their wide range of laboratory refrigeration units enables you to store a variety of temperature-sensitive materials safely and securely. LSR cold storage solutions.

Final Note

Deciding on the best lab cold storage unit doesn’t have to be challenging, provided you have an idea about top leading brands and professional help by your side.

For premium and authentic lab freezers from top brands, including Arctiko freezers for sale, get in touch with us today and discuss your needs with our team.

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