Lab Furniture

New and Used Laboratory Furniture including cabinets, sinks, reagent racks, countertop, and more.

Lab Equipment

New and Used Laboratory equipment including incubators, balances, centrifuges, hot plate stirrers, ovens, vacuum ovens, vacuum pumps and more.

Fume Hoods

New and Used Fume hoods including chemical fume hoods, biosafety cabinets, ductless hoods, powder weighing enclosures, and more.


New Laboratory Consumables including 96 well plates, glassware, centrifuge tubes, pipets, vacuum traps, or more.

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Laboratory Equipment and Furniture Supplier

Government Lab Enterprises is a government supplier of lab equipment and furniture, including biosafety cabinets, chemical and ductless fume hoods, incubators, and much more. As a laboratory equipment and furniture supplier, we work closely with the federal and state government, universities, small private research and development laboratories, large corporations, and cannabis labs to guarantee a supply of high-quality equipment. We are a woman-owned small business that is dedicated to providing laboratories across the nation with reliable equipment from reputable brands, such as Air Master Systems, Erlab, Lab Design, and others. Together, the founders of Government Lab Enterprises have over 30 years of experience selling and installing lab equipment and furniture. Browse our website to find out more about what makes us a trusted laboratory equipment and furniture supplier.

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Government Lab Enterprises

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3593 Medina Rd #170 Medina, OH 44256

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