Erlab 2200ANM Captair Pyramid Glove Bag

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Erlab 2200ANM Captair Pyramid Glove Bag

Manufacturer: Erlab

Model: 2200ANM

Condition: New. Ships directly from the manufacturer.

Warranty: Erlab's limited lifetime warranty. Glove Bag is covered by Erlab's warranty until first use.

Estimated lead time: Typically ships in 4 business days from acceptance of order for orders of 50 of less. Typically ships in 7-10 business days from acceptance of order for order of more than 50 glove bags. 

Returns: Captair Products are non-returnable. All sales are final.


  • Erlab Captair Pyramid Glove Bag, PVC with Butyl Gloves-XL; 1 Each

The Erlab Captair Pyramid portable glove bag

  • The Erlab Captair Pyramid is designed to protect those who need to handle potentially contaminated specimen samples. Whether it will be for final packaging, transportation, or even on-site testing, these processes can now be safely performed, knowing that potential exposure threats have been prevented as material remains sealed within an airtight chamber. The Pyramid’s simple design and portability allows to be set-up in seconds, while protecting the sample, and more importantly the outside environment.


  • Gloves Chemical Resistant Butyl rubber with PVC sleeves
  • Serial number Unique reference number for better traceability
  • Valve Gas insertion valve
  • It is reusable until it is deemed unusable.  Typically a glove bag is deemed unusable when there is a hole formed in the glove. 


  • Dimensions when open: 34"W x 22"D x 29"H (860mm W x 560mm D x 725mm H)
  • Shipping Dimensions when closed: 34"W x 22"D x 3"H


  • Enclosure and base Flexible PVC
  • Fastener Double lip zipper (600 mm / 235/8 in)
  • 2 arm openings Rigid PVC (115 mm / 41/2 in diameter)
  • Grommet 16 mm / 5/8 in diameter
  • Operating temperature -25C +45C / -13F +113F
  • Weight 1.55 kg / 3.42 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 7 lbs.


Erlab Captair Glove Bag Brochure


How Erlab Captair Pyramid/Glove Bag Can Be Used with COVID-19 Samples Video


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