Things To Check Before Ordering Biosafety Cabinets

People who work with biohazardous or infectious agents, they need to use tools and equipment for their safety. One equipment that plays a key role in protecting lab personnel while working with materials contaminated with pathogens is biosafety cabinet. There are many companies in the market that make biosafety cabinets. All claim to offer amazing performance. Thus, it can get a bit difficult for you to decide which biosafety cabinet to go for. In this blog, we will make the decision easier for you.

Look For Certification

After spending a good amount of money on biosafety cabinets for your laboratory, you would expect them to work faultlessly. Because if the cabinets start malfunctioning all of a sudden, the lives of personnel working with hazardous or infectious material can get jeopardized easily. That is why it is advised you should never purchase a biosafety cabinet in a haste.

You can be sure about a biosafety cabinet’s performance by looking at its certification from international standards. Some of the most common standards are NSF, EN, and Underwriter Laboratories. If the biosafety cabinet you are considering to get for your lab is certified from any of the aforesaid standards, you can be certain that it will perform without any problems.

International Standard Tests That Biosafety Cabinets Need To Clear

It is essential to keep in mind that not every biosafety cabinet from a manufacturer gets clearance from international standards. Companies that make these cabinets need to create a product that will comply with all the requirements of the international standard, which is not easy at all. Only after passing tests such as vibration, lighting intensity, pressure decay, tracer gas leak, stability, cross-contamination protection, downflow and inflow velocities, etc., does a biosafety cabinet get the nod from an international standard.

Apart from checking the certification, you can also look for features such as airflow monitor, ULPA filter, UV fixture and lamp, energy efficient ECM blower, etc. At Government Lab Enterprises, you can find top-quality biosafety cabinets from some of the most trusted brands in the market such as Labconco, Erlab, and ESCO. You will get manufacturer’s warranty with each biosafety cabinet. We will recommend you to buy ESCO biosafety cabinets as they contain all the key features that lab personnel want in a biosafety cabinet. Their class 2 cabinets are some of the most sough-after cabinets online.