Situations That Call For The Use of Flammable Storage Cabinets

It is very practical for companies or businesses making use of flammable liquids to look for safe ways of storing such liquids so that everything and everyone can be kept away from the dangers that these liquids pose. To keep them from causing harm, there are some ways you can explore. One of the most practical and best way is to keep these highly dangerous liquids in a flammable storage cabinet. While these cabinets are great for storing flammable liquids, people often want to know when these cabinets should be used or are required.

Well, there is no precise answer to this question. However, certain situations definitely make you choose flammable storage cabinets. In this blog, we’ll be taking a look at those situations.

Going Beyond The Minor Stage

You will not be required to use flammable storage cabinet as long as the quantity of your flammable liquids is below the limit set by the OSHA. As long as your liquid is within the minor storage category, you do not actually need to make use of storage cabinets. But if it goes beyond the set limit fixed by OSHA, it will then not be termed as minor storage and would require to be kept in flammable storage cabinets. Check the OSHA guidelines for minor storage limit -

Presence of Ignition Sources

It is advisable that you keep all your flammable liquids in flammable storage cabinets if your workplace has got sources of ignition like the powerpoints, grinding sparks, hot objects, etc. And while it is good practice to place these liquids in the cabinets, do not make the mistake of keeping the cabinet in close proximity of the ignition sources. Make sure that there’s a distance of at least 3 meters from the ignition sources.

Storing Liquids With Incompatible Materials

When storing liquids with other substances that are not compatible with them, it is best to store them in flammable storage cabinets. There is danger to the lives of people and the environment of the organization when other dangerous substances come in close contact with flammable liquids. The most feared potential outcome of mixing of two dangerous substances is a violent chemical reaction.

Release of Flammable Vapour

If the flammable liquids used in your workplace give off vapors, then use flammable storage cabinets. Flammable vapors are not good for the health. When there’s high concentration of these vapors in a workplace, it is natural that these vapors will make their way into people’s lungs, which can then cause intoxication and asphyxiation. There is also the danger of these vapors coming in contact with ignition sources.

As you can see from the above mentioned points, using flammable storage cabinets is essential for keeping everyone safe. If your organization uses such liquids, it is important to have the situation assessed to find out whether flammable storage cabinets are required or not. Here at GLE Sales, you can buy top quality storage cabinets from Securall ranging from 16 gallon to 90 gallon.