Guide To Choosing Freezers To Store Vaccines In Your Pharmacy

Having the right equipment for the storage of vaccines is of critical importance as disruptions in the cold chain lower their effectiveness. Sourcing vaccines and training personnel to administer them as per the guidelines, of course, is not easy. That is why GLE Sales is here to help you make an informed decision on choosing the right freezers for your pharmacy.

Should you choose refrigerator-freezers?

In addition to stand-alone refrigerators to securely store your supply of vaccines, you will also require a separate freezer for Varivax vaccines. While many believe that combination units of freezers and refrigerators will suffice, the CDC strictly advises against using such dual units in pharmacies, clinics, and laboratories.

Household freezers and refrigerators that are used for domestic purposes are a no-no as well as they don’t have specific temperature control features for the different compartments. Moreover, these have their very own defrosting cycles that may ruin your vaccines.

As per your requirements, you may have two freezing units, an under-counter freezer containing the immediate dosages, and another bigger one to store the additional supplies.

Here are other things to consider when you are comparing freezers to purchase on for your pharmacy:

  • It must have an automatic defrost feature so that you do not have to move the vaccines to another place when defrosting takes place.
  • It should be spacious enough to house all your vaccines.
  • The freezer should regain its temperature as soon as possible even after frequent door openings. Keep in mind that glass door freezers take more time to freeze up after you open their doors.
  • You should be aware of the unique temperature requirements of each of the vaccines that you have to store before you make your choice. While freezers are boxed into categories based on the temperature ranges they provide, most maintain the standard temperature range of 0 °F to -58 °F. Instead of purchasing mechanical thermostats to monitor the same, make sure that you take a look at the best American Biotech Supply freezers that offer integrated microprocessor temperature controllers. This will keep you in the loop if there are temperature changes if any.


If you need expert guidance with selecting freezer and refrigerator units that would be appropriate for your pharmacy needs and requirements, we are here to help you out. Get in touch with us now!