3 Common Reasons Why Your Lab Furniture is Corroding

Visit any chemical or bioresearch lab, and the chances are that you will find its furniture and fume hoods corroded. You may think of it as a natural consequence of lab work — use of chemicals & reagents, long hours of testing, and many others. However, you may be surprised to know that it's also a common scenario in newly-setup laboratories where lab work is limited.

The reasons for the corrosion of lab furniture and fume hoods are many, and these are:

Poor quality of lab furniture
It is understandable to some extent if the corrosion in lab equipment occurs after years of use. But if it happens in newly-constructed labs, the major culprit is often the poor quality of lab furniture. Many lab owners compromise on the quality of lab equipment and furniture to cut down the cost of setting up a lab. However, they fail to realize that they will have to bear the cost of replacing equipment sooner than later. It is worth noticing that you can buy high-quality lab furniture for sale in OH without putting a dent in your budget by choosing a reliable supplier.

Poor ventilation design
Ventilation is another common reason that leads to corrosion of lab equipment. Often, labs do not have a proper balance of air coming in and going out. It is primarily because of the wrong diversity factor, improper fume hood volume calculation, and inaccurate VAV system commissioning. With improper removal of chemical fumes comes the increased risk of fumes attacking the metal. As a result, lab equipment and furniture start to corrode over time. To prevent this, consult a lab professional who has experience in properly outfitting a range of labs, including the one you want to set up.

Improper use of lab furniture
Even if you have bought the best quality lab furniture for sale in OH, you may observe corrosion if you don’t properly use it. For example, many lab workers don’t store corrosive chemicals in proper storage or leave the fume hood sash open. In such cases, furniture and hoods are likely to get corroded over time.

Final word

How carefully you set up a lab and how well you use its equipment and furniture has a lot to do with the lifespan of your overall lab. Make sure you don’t overlook the importance of following good lab practices to extend the life of your lab and avoid the risk of accidents.

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