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Yamato SN-500C Steam Sterilizer

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Yamato SN-500C Autoclave

Manufacturer: Yamato Scientific America

Model: SN500C

Condition: New. Ships directly from the manufacturer.
Guarantee: Yamato's 15 Day Money Back Guarantee
Warranty:1 Year manufacturers warranty

Estimated lead time: In stock: Typically ships in 5 business days from acceptance of order. Out of stock: Ships in 3 months.


  • New, Yamato SN-500 C Steam Sterilizer 
  • (3) stainless steel mesh basket (ø262 x D204mm), OSM70 
  • (1) Vapor cup
  • (1) Drain bottle
  • (1) Drain board
  • (1) set of Chemical indicators (30 pieces)
  • (1) Filter
  • Manual
  • Power Cord




  • Programmed one touch buttons for common sterlization process; Manual,Melt -> Warm, Sterilize -> Warm, Sterilize/Liquid, Sterilize/Normal.
  • In addition to default sterilization programs, custom-programming can be saved for repeat uses.
  • Two sensor ports are provided as standard on the chamber.
  • With the optional mounted sample temperature sensor, you can precisely maintain a desired temperature for the samples to ensure thorough sterilization.
  • The drain bottle is located in pront for easy access and drain water level can be monitorly without opening the lakinet door.
  • Up to 20 errors can be saved to memory.
  • Internal Capacity: 1.7 cu. ft. (47L)
  • Effective dimensions of chamber: 300 (inner diameter)  665 (depth) mm
  • Range of working temperatures:45-60C for preheating, 40-60C for keep warm, 65-100C for melting, 105-135C for sterilization
  • Max. working pressure: 0.255MPa 
  • Ambient temperature: 5 - 35C
  • Heater: 100V, 1.9kW (950W 2 units)
  • Cooling fan: Axial fan motor
  • Temperature setting: control and display PID control by microprocessor, digital setting (by UP/DOWN keys) and display
  • Timer and its resolution: 0 or 1 minute to 99 hours 59 minutes in increments/decrements of 1 minute




  • Mesh type basket
  • Mesh type basket with stacking fitting
  • Mesh type basket with a mesh shelf
  • Stainless solid basket
  • Stainless bucket
  • Chamber temperature sensor
  • Sample temperature sensor
  • Pressure gauge
  • Recorder
  • External alarm output terminal
  • Temperature output terminal
  • Time-up output terminal
  • Also available with 200V-240V AC, 10A-12A

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