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Yamato SM-311 Steam Sterilizer with Dryer 1.2 cu. ft. [32L] 220V 7A no plug, round terminal

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Yamato Model SM-311 Sterilizer with Dryer 1.2 cu. ft. [32L] 220V no plug

Manufacturer: Yamato Scientific America

Model: SM311

Condition: New. Ships directly from the manufacturer.
Guarantee: Yamato's 15 Day Money Back Guarantee
Warranty:1 Year manufacturers warranty

Estimated lead time: In stock: Typically ships in 5-7 business days from acceptance of order. If Out of stock: Ships in 3 months.


  • SM-311 Sterilizer with Dryer 32L
  • AC220V, 7A no plug, round terminal
  • Manual
  • 2 pcs. stainless steel mesh basket (Dia.262 x D204mm), OSM-70
  • Drain board x 1, chemical indicator strips (30 strips) x 1, drain bottle x 1, condensation collection container with magnetic bracket x 1

Customer's electrician is responsible for providing and connecting plug from sterilizer to their electrical outlet.


  • Space Saver: Floor model - Top mounted door for easy vertical loading, allowing 40% more space to be utilized. Each unit comes equipped with 2 stackable baskets.
  • Mobile: Smooth rolling casters and no mechanical connections such as water supply, waste lines or steam exhaust are necessary.
  • Simple and Accurate: Fully automated operation - The HiTEC  IV CR type microprocessor controller is now conveniently mounted on the front panel of unit. Simply set your desired parameters of temperature and time for sterilize and dry (SM series) or just sterilize (SE series) through the easy to use, water resistant keypad.
  • Verification: The digital set and readout accurately monitors all aspects of the sterilization and drying process (sterilization only for SE series) providing visible and audible signals on its progress. An optional temperature recorder terminal or a computer interface is ideal for verification of operating temperature.
  • Convenient: Quick and slow release allows you to sterilize both solid and liquid materials. Drying cycle, on SM series, dries the glassware as well as any other articles, and is ready for use immediately after operation.
  • Durable:These compact sterilizers have a Type 304 (18-8) stainless steel interior as well as a cold rolled carbon steel exterior finished with baked melamine for durability and appearance.
  • Capacity:1.2 cu. ft. [32L]
  • Chamber Size: 11.8in x 17.5in
  • Sterilize: 105 C to 128 C
  • Dry: 150 C to 180 C
  • Pressure Range:29.0 psi

Accessories available at additional costs:

  • Standard Basket for SM-300 series
  • Basket w/ adjustable shelf for SM-300 series
  • Extra Shelf for SM-300 series
  • Solid Basket for SM-300 series