Yamato RE-802-AW Highly Functional and Programmable Rotary Evaporator

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Yamato RE-801-AW Evaporator with Type A Glassware and Water bath

Manufacturer: Yamato Scientific America

Model: RE801AW

Condition: New. Ships directly from the manufacturer.
Guarantee: Yamato's 15 Day Money Back Guarantee
Warranty:1 Year manufacturers warranty

Estimated lead time: In stock: Typically ships in 5 business days from acceptance of order. Out of stock: Ships in 3 months.


  • Type A glassware for standard use (horizontal).
  • Vacuum regulator
  • Vapor temerature indicator
  • Water bath (100-120V AC)


  • The evaporator's motor speed(rpm), vacuum(degrees) and vapor temperature can be digitally set and displayed. Experimental conditions and steps during a reaction can be saved and repeated in future
  • The rotary joint's locking position feature is adjustable within 80 mm; especially useful when using varying capacity evaporating flasks or when there is a need to shift the vacuum seal's contact position. (Patent No. 3220033)
  • Motorized lift
  • Voltage-sensing power supply
  • Stable rotation
  • Equipped with several operation modes, such as preset mode, timer mode, progressive mode and customer-programmed mode
  • One-touch operation of storing and readout of operating conditions
  • Automatic distillation
  • Continuous bath control
  • Data on 53 solvents installed as default
  • Motor: DC brushless motor (for rotation) and DC motor (for lifting)
  • Number of revolutions: 10 - 250 r/min (rpm) 
  • Motorized lift stroke: 150mm
  • Measurable range of vacuum: 0-1033hPa
  • Resolution of vacuum: 1hPa
  • Resolution of vapor temperature indicator: Selectable(either 1C or 0.1C)
  • Setting range of timer: 1-999 minutes in increments/decrements of 1 minute for preset operations,1-99 minutes for progressive operations
  • Memory: 10 programs/operation mode
  • Speed (rpm) setting: Control knob (digital indication)
  • Lifting feature: Motorized lifting system
  • Setting range of vacuum:  0-981hPa  

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