Yamato DNE-911 Forced Convection Oven 19.1 cu. ft. 220V

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Yamato DNE-911 Constant Temp Forced Convection Oven 19.1 cu. ft. 220V

*The Yamato DNE910 oven has been discontinued and upgraded to the Yamato DNE-911 oven.

Manufacturer: Yamato Scientific America

Model: DNE911

Condition: New. Ships directly from the manufacturer.
Guarantee: Yamato's 15 Day Money Back Guarantee
Warranty:1 Year manufacturers warranty

Estimated lead time: In stock: Typically ships in 5 business days from acceptance of order. Out of stock: Ships in 3 months.


  • DNE-911 Constant Temp Forced Convection Oven 19.1 cu. ft. 220V
  • Equipped with a simple key input system and a multi-functional controller.
  • 8 Shelves included
  • 16 shelf brackets (2 pairs are fixed)


  • Temperature Range: RT+15°C to 210°C
  • Temperature Control Accuracy: 2C [at 210C]
  • Internal Capacity: 19.1cu. ft. [540 L]
  • Max. Temp. Reaching Time: Approx. 60 min.
  • Chamber / Exterior: Stainless steel / Chrome-free electro-galvanized steel plate, chemical-proof baked-on finish 
  • Glass wool insulating material
  • Stainless pipe heater [1.5 kWx2]
  • Scirocco Fan/Capacitor motor
  • Temp. controller: PID control by microprocessor
  • Digital Temp. Setting
  • Digital Temp. Display by Orange LED [4 digit]
  • Timer:0 min. to 999 hrs., /1 min.
  • Cable hole/Air in-take hole: 30mmI.D. [the right side] each 1pc.
  • Exhaust port: 30 mm I.D.x 2 [the back]
  • Internal Dimensions [mm]:1,090 W x 500 D x 1,000 H

High-performance, energy-saving, programmable constant temperature, forced convection ovens.The DNE series represents forced convection constant temperature oven. They achieve an energy-saving rate of 30 to 40% compared to previous models.16-segment programming is possible. Safety functions including self-diagnostic function are enriched. Functions are expanded with a wind-velocity changing device, an external communication device, a temperature output terminal etc. Possible to place the models 401/411 and 601/611 in piles, one over the other.

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