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Yamato DF-412 Fine Oven

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Yamato DF-412 Convection Oven High Accuracy/Uniformity

Yamato DF-411 Fine Oven has been upgraded to Yamato DF-412 Fine Oven

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  • DF 412 Oven

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Item Code 211780
Model DF412
System Forced convection and ventilation
Operating temp. range Room temp. + 15 to 260℃
Temp. control accuracy (JTM K05) ±0.1℃(at 260℃)
Temp. fluctuation (JIS) 1.0℃(at 260℃)
Temp. distribution accuracy (JTM K05) ±1.5℃(at 260℃)
Temp. gradient (JIS) 10℃(at 260℃)
Time to attain max. temp. Approx. 50 min. (to 260℃)
Temp. control system PID control with a micro computer
Temp. and time setting system Digital Setting by UP/DOWN Key
Timer display range 1 min. to 99 hr 59 min. and 24hr. setting
Operation and manipulation functions Fixed temp., Auto-start, Auto-stop, Quick auto stop, program (Max.99 steps, 99 patterns, repeat)
Additional functions Calendar timer (max. 24 Hrs.), Integration time (max. 65535Hrs.), Clock, Calibration off-set, Display the amount of Power consumption
Additional functions CO2 discharge/Heater operation amount, Power failure recovery mode, User setting information save and recall, Wind velocity changeable function
Sensor Double K-thermocouple
Heater Stainless pipe heater
Blower fan (motor) Axial flow fan (capacitor motor)
Cable port I.D. 33 mm x 1 pc (rear)
Heat insulator Glass wool
Safety device Self diagnosis functions(Sensor, Fan, Heater, Relay, Triac, Automatic overheat prevention), Independent overheat prevention, Key lock function, Electric leakage breaker, Door switch
No.of shelf stages/peg pitch 9 stages/45 mm
Accessories Shelf 2 pcs
Accessories Shelf support 4 pcs
Internal dimensions(W×D×H mm) 450×450×450mm
External dimensions(W×D×H mm) 1050×630×850mm
Remarks(dimensions) 91L
Power Source AC220V 10A
Weight 112kg


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