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Thermo Sorvall RC-4 refrigerated floor model centrifuge with LH-4000W rotor with windshield and 4 double spin buckets 75006478

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Thermo Sorvall RC-4 refrigerated floor model centrifuge 75004477 with LH-4000W rotor with windshield (75006476) and 4 double spin buckets 75006478

Manufacturer: Thermo Sorvall 

Model:  RC-4

Status:  Pre-owned

Condition:  Excellent.  Works properly.

Warranty:  30 days

Estimated lead time:  3-5 days typically.  Ready to ship.


Process the optimal capacity for small to medium size blood processing centers with the ability to spin 4 or 8 blood bags in a wide range of bag configurations when using the Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ RC4 Low-Speed Floor Model Centrifuge, a flexible refrigerated centrifuge for blood banking and clinical applications. Using flexible accessory systems, it spins everything from doubles to 500mL quints with in-line leukoreduction filters. A versatile performer, the RC-4 is in a class of its own.

  • Spins larger numbers of tubes at higher RCFs than competing models
  • Powerful induction drive and optional swinging bucket rotor (which accommodates DoubleSpin buckets) combine to provide higher RCFs and capacities for the most popular sample formats
  • Exceptional capacity for all popular sample formats, including 15 and 50mL tissue culture tubes, and many others. A wide range of rotors makes it suitable for biochemistry, biotechnology, microbiology, pharmaceutical and blood processing labs
  • Max capacity of 4 x 1000mL bottles, 8 x 500mL blood bags, or 4 to 8 standard microplates
  • Fastest processing and highest throughput of any 4L low-speed centrifuge
  • Enhanced user safety: choose from 4 biocontainment rotors accommodating samples from 1.5 to 1000mL
  • Optimum run stability with SMARTspin Imbalance Detection System
  • Reduced maintenance with brushless induction drive
  • Quiet operation > 58dBA
  • Intuitive operation with operator keypad and memory for 9 protocols


  • Thermo Sorvall RC-4 centrifuge (75004477)
  • 4-place rotor with windshield (75006476)
    • Capacity 8 x 500mL
    • Max tube diameter DxL (mm): Blood bags
    • Max speed (rpm): 4400
    • Max RCF (xg): 5480
  • 4 Double spin Buckets (75006478)
    • Capacity 4 x 250mL
    • Max tube capacity (mm): 62D x 145L
    • Max speed (rpm): 4400
    • Max RCF (xg): 4650
  • Power cord 120V
  • 30 day warranty (parts)

Test results:

  • Spins up and holds at set point (4400 rpm)
  • Cools to -9C
  • Heats to 40C
  • Timer works
  • Brake works


     Maximum Speed

     10,000 rpm

     Maximum RCF

     15,320 x g

     Maximum Capacity

     4 x 1,000 ml

     Temperature Set Range

      -9 to +40 C

     Acceleration/Deceleration profiles


     Dimensions (H x W x D)

     39 in. x 27 in. x 29 in.


     631 lbs

     Power requirements  230V / 13A /1Ph