GQF Model 0705 Stacked Grow Off Pen, One for Birds & Chicks 110V (Ships 2 weeks ARO)

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GQF Model 0705 Stacked Grow Off Pen, One for Birds & Chicks 110V

Manufacturer: GQF Manufacturing

Model: 0705

Condition: New. Ships directly from the manufacturer.

Estimated lead time: Typically ships in 2 weeks from order and payment.

Warranty: 1 year manufacturer's warranty in the United States only.

International shipping: GQF manufacturing in the United States does not ship internationally. If you would like to order GQF products please provide shipping information for your a freight forwarder in the United States. Customer is responsible for any customs, duties, taxes and fees. You can also purchase from your local/closest GQF dealer.


  • GQF 0705 stacked grow off pen, one for birds and chicks 
  • 110V power cord 
  • No heating element


 Five of the Grow Off Pens make up the Battery. When used in a battery only one set of lids is supplied. The Grow Off and Holding pens are stacked and bolted together on a brooder base, which has ball bearing swivel casters for easy moving of the battery. (Same as GQF Poultry Battery Brooder but without the expense of heating elements and thermostats.) Overall Dimensions: 38'' Wide, 42'' front to back, and 65'' high. 0540 pictured. Item No. 0705 does not include thermostats or heaters.


Can you add a GQF model 0534 battery box brooder with heat to the bottom of the GQF model 0705 stacked grow off pen?

Yes, the base fits all brooder models because the brooder box dimension are all the same size and the holes match up. There is no specific instruction for this because its not too difficult to match up the holes from the top of one brooder to bottom of the one above. Please note: The only difference in the 0705 and the 0534 is the heater. The box is the same.

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