GQF 3049 Wafer Thermostat

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GQF 3049 Wafer Thermostat

Manufacturer: GQF Manufacturing

Model: 3049

Condition: New.

Estimated lead time: Typically ships in 1-2 weeks of receipt of order and payment. 

International shipping: GQF manufacturing in the United States does not ship internationally. If you would like to order GQF products please provide shipping information for your a freight forwarder in the United States. Customer is responsible for any customs, duties, taxes and fees. You can also purchase from your local/closest GQF dealer.


2 wafers prewired together. Used with model 1266 incubators that have two wafer thermostats inside.

Complete 22 Amp for CABINET INCUBATOR. Adjustable between 75 and 120 degrees F. depending on room temperature.


Electrical: Rated for 125V/250V

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