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Erlab Captair FLOW 391 39" Laminar Flow Hood Package

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Erlab Captair FLOW 391 39" Laminar Flow Hood with HEPA filter, UV light, Stainless Steel Work Surface and Mobile Cart/Lab Bench

Manufacturer: Erlab
Model: FLOW391 Package
Condition: New. Ships directly from the manufacturer.
Warranty: A Limited Lifetime Warranty is valid on all Captair products with regards to mechanical parts as long as genuine Erlab parts and filters are used in compliance with the Captair Brand specifications. Consumable items (including filters) and Captair Pyramid remain under warranty only until the first use. Erlab Inc. is the Sole US Distributor of Captair products and is not responsible for damage that occurs as a result of failure to follow instructions that are included with the original product. This Limited Lifetime Warranty does not apply from the result of an accident, misuse, abuse, contamination, modification, normal wear and tear or other external causes. This section constitutes Clients sole and exclusive remedy and Erlab Inc.'s sole and exclusive responsibility with respect to any alleged breach of this limited warranty.
Estimated lead time: Currently in stock. Typically ships in 10-14 business days from receipt of order and payment. 
Returns: Erlab Captair Products are non-returnable. All sales are final.

Erlab hoods and stands/mobile carts are sold disassembled with installation instructions and over the phone support from Erlab technician available. Customer is responsible for in-lab delivery, assembly and third party onsite certification. 

  • 1 New, Erlab Captair Flow 391 39" laminar flow hood
  • 1 UV light
  • 1 Erlab GF4.HP HEPA filter
  • 1 Erlab 39" Stainless Steel Worksurface 
  • 1 Erlab 39" mobile cart (stainless steel worksurface is required for mobile cart)
  • 1 Prefilter
CaptairFlow laminar flow hoods guarantee product protection by providing ISO 5 air quality within the enclosure. For additional sterilization needs, the Captairflow also comes standard with a UV light with timer. With Flexible adaptable modular filtration columns, the CaptairFlow provides the option to adapt carbon filtration as well as HEPA filtration, providing an additional added level of product protection from fugitive molecules that may be present. Low air flow alarm, air flow monitor, 50-60 dBa, hinged sashes for complete internal access, internal fluorescent lighting. Constructed with anti-corrosion metallic alloy protected with thermo-hardened, anti acid polymer coating. Optical viewing panels are composed of 1/4" thick acrylic. The filter housing is constructed of polypropylene

• All Erlab products are protected by Erlab's life time warranty
• Erlab Safety Program and customer support included in your purchase price- Erlab
• Provides it's customers with a dedicated safety specialist ensuring they always remain satisfied and safe
• Light weight and completely portable, product requires no tools for assembly fully
• Functional in less than 30 minutes
• Processed air flow of 135 cfm
• Number of fans = 1- brushless & sparkless
• Voltage frequency 90 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz
• Comes with one UV light located on the back panel
• UV light function will come with an automatic shut off when the bottom sash is opened
• * 1-10 minute timer for the UV light to be turned on


Erlab Flow 391 39" laminar flow hood:
  • Hood width: 39”
  • Exterior Dimensions (in.) 39.5” L x 24.75”D x 53 in. H
  • Interior Dimensions (in.) 38” L x 21.5”D x 34” H
  • Power: 115 VAC
  • Power: 60 Hz
  • Exhaust Volume: 135 CFM
  • Description: 39" Laminar Ductless Fume Hood, 115V 
Erlab GF4.HP (HEPA) Filter:
  • H14 HEPA filter for powders & particles
  • Traps particles larger than 0.1 microns with 99.995% efficiency, according to the
  • MPPS method set forth in the EN 1822-1 standard
  • For use with: Captair Smart, Captair Flex, Captair Flow, Captair Bio, & Captair Store 834/1634
  • HEPA filter Lifetime: As part of the Erlab Safety Program (ESP) you will be reminded when filter replacement should occur. For the CaptairFlow, the HEPA filters typically achieve a filter lifetime between 36-48+ months, but it will all depend on the actual condition of the HEPA filter. The environment in which you place the unit will also factor into the filter lifetime. Erlab’s filter safety specialist, Brittany, will check in and request a pressure meter reading at the 24 month mark, the 36 month mark, and the 48 month mark, and so on, if she notices your readings are higher/lower than normal, she may recommend purchasing another HEPA filter and/or pre-filter. Erlab units do not lock down after X number of hours of use, the filter replacement is based off of the actual condition of the filter itself.
Erlab 391 Stainless Steel Work Surface:
  • High chemical and mechanical resistance.
  • Rounded corners to facilitate cleaning operations.
  • Built in spill tray.
Erlab SMART391 Mobicap or Lab Bench (please specify upon order):
  • Metal Rolling cart, equipped with 4 wheels (2 locking wheels)
  • Allows the device to be moved safely
  • Stainless Steel Worksurface is required when purchasing a mobicap
  • Lab bench is a fixed stand without casters