Erlab Captair 483 Smart 49" Ductless Fume Hood/CVE

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Erlab Captair 483 Smart Ductless Fume Hood/CVE

Manufacturer: Erlab

Model: 483SMART

Condition: New. Ships directly from the manufacturer.

Warranty: Erlab's lifetime limited warranty. Filters are covered by Erlab's warranty until they are opened.

Estimated lead time: Currently providing critical quick shipping (2-5 business days) after receipt of order and payment for COVID 19 testing technicians working on the frontline.

For all other clients: Typically ships in 14-21 business days from acceptance of order.

Returns: Captair Products are non-returnable. All sales are final.

Erlab hoods are sold disassembled with installation instructions and over the phone support from Erlab technician.

The Captair Smart Ductless Hoods/CVE (Containment Ventilated Enclosures)

  • Along with the Erlab Captair Pyramid, which adds protection to field workers, the Erlab Captair Smart CVE provides an additional barrier between the operator and samples. The Erlab Captair Smart CVE is great for any customer who is using a liquid handler (i.e. Agilent handler, Lynx handler) for higher throughput of testing samples, again providing an additional barrier between the technician and the samples, with the added value of HEPA filtration and if needed, secondary HEPA filtration.
  • During the process of high throughput pipetting, the samples have already been lysised and put into lyses buffer solution, so the cells have been destroyed, meaning the need for a BSC (Biological Safety Cabinet) is not required at this stage of the process. 
  • Erlab's Captair Smart CVE units are ready to ship and under Erlab's “Critical Response” product portfolio. We are ready to deliver and expedite any orders to ensure the safety of those on the Frontline remain our critical focus.

Configurations [Please specify upon order]:

  • 1C Configuration: The 1C configuration has one level of carbon filtration and 3 carbon filters. Three filters need to be replaced every 12 months.

  • 2C Configuration: The 2C configuration has two levels of carbon filtration and 6 carbon filters. Filter Life of 24 months. Three filters need to be replaced every 24 months.



  • Hood Width: 50.4375 in

  • Lights: LED lighting > 650 Lux

  • Exterior Width: 50.4375 in

  • Exterior Height: 59.625 in

  • Exterior Depth: 29.5 in

  • Power: 80 to 250 VAC

  • Power: 50 to 60 Hz

  • Sash opening: Hinged angled sash with arm ports 12 7/8"

  • Shipping Weight: 160 lbs

  • Description: Ductless Fume Hood, 49" W, angled sash; 80 to 220 VAC

  • Two filtration columns=Requires at least three filters

  • Filters not included. Please complete the Valiquest Chemical Questionnaire and send to for Erlab's validation of appropriate filters for your application.



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