BEING BRE-052 5L Rotary Evaporator 110V/60Hz

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BEING BRE-052 5L Rotary Evaporator 110V/60Hz

Manufacturer: BEING Instruments

Model: BRE052

Condition: New. Ships from manufacturer warehouse in California.

Estimated lead time: Typically ships in 2-3 weeks from receipt of order and payment. 

Warranty: Two year manufacturer's warranty (parts and labor). Glassware is inspected prior to shipment. Please contact us within 3 business days to inform us of damaged glassware. 

**Assembly is required**

Rotary evaporators (also known as “Rotovaps”) are mainly used for distillations/separation applications often used for medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical, chromatography, and petrochemical fields. In summary the system works by increasing the rate of evaporation of the solvent by:
(1) reducing the pressure to lower the solvent boiling point.
(2) rotating the sample to increase the effective surface area.
(3) heating the solution.
(4) then the evaporated solvent then condenses in a cooled glass condenser.


  • Simple design for one handed operation manually or automatically.
  • A unique PTFE sealing system provides exceptional thermostability, minimizes corrosion, and helps to ensure
  • day in day out headache free operation.
  • Our Bath offers a dual heating mode for water and oil with overheat protection.
  • PID controller offers easy input of parameters and large LCD display for easy viewing.
  • Vacuum regulator available.

Country of Origin: China


Model    BRE-052 BRE-105 BRE-201  BRE-502
Size   5L 10L  20L  50L
Performance Rotation speed (rpm)    20-140 20-130 20-130  20-110
Evaporate rate (Max. L/h))  2 3.5 4 9
Ultimate degree(mbar)  8mbar
Temperature rate(℃ ) Water:  RT+5~99℃
Temperature stability (℃ )  ±1
Function Controller  PID controller
Safety  1.Over current protection 2. Over temp. protection             3. Power interruption alarm 4. Anti-dry protection
Display  LCD screen
Lift mode  Auto lift
Power (W)     2300 3300 4300 5300
Condensation area(M2)     0.28 0.49 1.29 1.75
Capability of rotatory bottle     5L 10L 20L 50L
Capability of collecting bottle    3L 5L 10L  20L
Sealing gasket  PTFE and Teflon Coating
Lifting distance(mm)  150 170 170 260
Bracket  No  Aluminum alloy bracket
Water Bath Dimension(mm)    Diameter 280×175 Diameter 365×225  Diameter 445×250 Diameter 552×320
Material  SUS304 Water Bath + PTFE Teflon coating
Interface size  Condenser barb size(mm)   14 18
Exterior dimension (including glasswares) W×D×H(mm)   860×410×1120 1100×540×2060 1200×570×2060 1300×610×2150
Power   110V 60HZ 220V 60HZ
Ambient temperature  10-35℃



  • Recirculating Chiller
  • Vacuum Pump

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