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BEING BRC-05C 5L Recirculating Chiller 120V/60Hz

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BEING BRC-05C 5L Recirculating Chiller 120V/60Hz

Manufacturer: BEING Instruments

Model: BRC-05C

Condition: New

Estimated lead time: Typically 2-3 weeks from receipt of order and payment.

Warranty: 2 year manufacturer's warranty (parts and labor)


Technical Advantage
Performance and Features

  • Designed so that test results are in line with international standards DIN 12880.
  • PID Temperature controller, LCD screen.
  • Automatic calibration function, be able to adapt to a variety of laboratory environment.
  • A spread product line meets a variety of needs
  • Wide range of options to meet a variety of experimental needs.
  • Temperature/Capacity/Liquid Flow/Pressure/Control Mode/Internal Circulation/
  • External Circulation.
  • Convenient design for easy maintenance
  • Round curved inner angle is easy to clean.
  • Inner chamber is made from corrosion-resistant mirror stainless steel.
  • Preset On/Off function.
  • Built-in power interruption protection function, automatic run after power interruption.
  • Independent Over-temperature protection meets DIN 12880 International standard requirements.
  • Temperature deviation alarm.
  • Over current protection alarm.


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