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Terra Universal 3305-10F-RH Series 100 Twin Glovebox with Dual Purge and NitroWatch

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Terra Universal 3305-10F-RH Series 100 Twin Glovebox with Dual Purge and NitroWatch

Manufacturer: Terra Universal

Model: 3305-10F-RH

Condition: Pre owned. Good condition. Tested and powers on prior to shipment. 

Sold in as is condition

Estimated lead time: Typically ships in 1 week from order and payment. 


  • Terra Universal 3305-10F-RH Series 100 Twin Glovebox
  • Dual Purge and NitroWatch
  • 4 Glove Ports

Does not include a stand. Customer is responsible for placing the glove box on top of a workbench or stand. 


  • To maintain RH levels as low as 7%, purchase nitrogen generator catalog number 2700-99
  • To maintain RH levels below 1%, purchase nitrogen generator catalog number 2700-12B
  • Features an 1/8" NPT inlet
  • Twin model features four 10" (254 mm) diameter ports that provide a wide range of motion
  • Includes grounding terminals.
  • Stainless steel work surface (order separately) recommended to prevent scratching the glovebox interior during use
  • Includes 304 Stainless Steel lift latch
  • Designed for use with Terra’s NitroWatch/Dual Purge systems, which provide automated RH set-point control; includes provisions for mounting a NitroWatch sensor
  • Not an air-tight containment chamber; not suitable for use with biohazards
  • Dual access doors include stainless steel door frame, which increases structural rigidity by five times
  • Doors include Santoprene® “e”-shape nonoutgassing rubber gasket to eliminate leaks
  • Transparent static-dissipative PVC helps control static charges and the particles they attract
  • Dual gasketed side doors and a fully gasketed back permit introduction of small and large equipment
  • Designed for positive-pressure operation, in conjunction with RB valves to relieve overpressure
  • Order illuminator separately
  • All-stainless steel ergonomic LiftLatches operate without strain to hinges and eliminate corrosion and contamination common with plated hardware


  • Material Type: Plastic
  • Model: Series 100
  • Number of Glove Ports: 4
  • Window Material: N/A
  • Chamber Material: Static Dissipative PVC
  • Chamber Width: 58.5"
  • Chamber Depth: 23.5"
  • Chamber Height: 24.5"
  • Chamber Dimensions: 58.5" W x 23.5" D x 24.5" H
  • Maximum Working Height: 24.5"
  • Airlock Opening: 10" W x 10" H
  • Unit of Measure: EA
  • Marks & Listings: CE
  • Electrical Specifications: None, 0.5 A, 60 Hz
  • Weight, Product: 94 lb
  • Dimensions, Product: 59" W x 24" D x 25" H
  • Weight, Shipping: 229 lb
  • Dimensions, Shipping: 65" W x 30" D x 33" H
  • Package Type: Crate


Terra Universal 100 Series Glove Boxes Installation and Operation Manual

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